3 Proven Secrets to Win over Prospects in Today’s Competitive Marketplace

How to Close Prospects...
in Your very FIRST Meeting!

Created by Barron's Top 100 Advisor, Erin Botsford

Give Me 5 Months, and I’ll Give You the Exact Blueprint for Building a Multi-Million Dollar Financial Planning Firm
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Erin Botsford has trained and is endorsed by dozens of financial brokerages
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I started out with nothing.
No client list. No referrals. No reputation. No experience starting or running a business. No mentors.
Maybe even a lot like you.
I struggled. I remember what it was like working seven days a week for years, burning out, and wondering if it was all worth it. And then putting my nose back to the grindstone and doing it all over again. 
I didn’t take a day off or a vacation for the first seven years! 
In complete frustration, I signed up for as many sales training programs and courses I could get my hands on.  I needed to close faster so I could close more, build my AUM and make money for my family.
I can't lie – I learned a few things that helped me get more prospects to say yes, but it wasn't enough.
I needed them to see the benefit of working with me sooner, rather than later during the follow-up process.
I was trying to build my business, but there simply weren't enough hours in the day to prospect, follow-up, close, market, and still make time for my family.
I felt lost in my business, and I didn’t know how much longer I could keep up 7-day work weeks. I didn’t know how much longer my husband and son could keep it up either. We were all suffering.
My business was consuming my life instead of delivering the life I imagined. 
Let me ask, does any of this sound like you?
  • You’re a financial advisor and you’ve been in the industry about five or more years, and you’re hungry. You want more — you just don’t know how to get there, and you’ve been stuck at the same level of production for too long. You work harder and harder...only to achieve the same results. 
  • You’re setting appointments and meeting with clients, but you feel like there's nothing that sets you apart from other advisors in town. You feel like you’re on a prospecting hamster wheel, and you don’t know how to get off.
  • You look at other people’s names on the top producer lists and in magazines and feel unaccomplished. Why are you the only one who can’t figure it out?
I’m here to tell that you’re NOT the only one who can’t figure it out. There are a lot of financial advisors who are smart, hard working people... People who SHOULD be top producers running seven-figure businesses of their own, but who are stuck at a figure that is way below what they know they’re capable of.

The reason is this: many well-meaning consultants are teaching "classroom" ideas. Some haven't even met with prospects and some are terribly outdated and using technical sales techniques that just won't convert.
Getting a prospect to say yes to investing with you and your firm is very different from selling someone a car. 

The sales tactics and processes that work in other industries often translate poorly to ours. We work with our clients' futures – their wealth, prosperity, security – sometimes even their marriages!

How then, do you get a prospect to see your value and say YES in the very first appointment? What's in that Secret Sauce?
You wonder, "What is the recipe for MY success?"
Imagine Having Everything You Needed to Close Prospects on The Very FIRST Appointment!
Imagine you have the exact words to say.

Imagine the blinders being lifted and seeing: all other advisors are leaving money on the table and wasting time, but you have the Secret Sauce to prevent both. 

Imagine seeing YOUR name in a magazine as one of the fastest growing financial advisory firms in the country.

Imagine having it all figured out — finally. And having confidence in the predictable performance of your business, your future, and yourself.

How exhilarating would that be?

It’s indescribable. It’s where I lived for the last 15 years before I sold my business and decided to teach advisors EXACTLY how to get the results they’ve been dreaming of…
Hi, My Name Is 
I spent 30 years running my financial services business and got to the top of the heap, building it into a Barron’s Top 100 firm.

But it took a long time to get there. I spent a whopping 15 years in business coaching, trying to figure it out because I told myself if I couldn’t figure out how to stop working 7-day work weeks, I was going to quit and go get a job.

But even with all that coaching, I still had to figure all of it out by myself, because none of it was put together into a cohesive picture with a clear end goal in mind. My coach would tell me I needed systems and processes but then I’d have to figure out what that meant and how to create them. I was told I needed to hire staff but I had no idea where to look, who to hire, or how to compensate them to get the best return on my investment.

Eventually, through trial and error, I figured it out and sold my company in 2017 after 30 years for a multiple even I couldn’t believe!  
The reason I was able to get such a great price is that my buyer KNEW I had built a viable business entity that conducted meetings unlike any other financial services firm, and I trained my entire team to follow that model. My business grew AUM faster than any of my competitors because we had a secret formula for initial client appointments.

Which leads me to why you and I are here...

I thought it would be a crying shame to waste 30 years of knowledge going from the bottom to the top and not share that with anybody. 

And I knew there was a need for training to help financial advisors build the businesses of their dreams...businesses that would give advisors the ultimate freedom of time and money. Here’s the thing: we are salespeople. And you know what salespeople often struggle with? Getting in our own way with how much we think we know.
As a result, there are a lot of financial advisors who are using outdated and old school sales tactics (Callan charts and technical jargon) because they don't know there's a better way. 
If you haven’t figured out how you can get prospects to say YES to you in the FIRST meeting without showing them a chart or touting your technical skills, now is the perfect time to upgrade your training.
This is the overarching problem I would like to solve in the industry: how do you build a business that has prospects coming in the door like clockwork...one that turns those prospects into clients seamlessly and a business that can ultimately run like a well-oiled machine?
Everything You’ll Learn to Close Your Prospects on the First Meeting
(While Never Working Weekends Again)
I’ve created a step-by-step online course where I’ll show you the inner sales secrets that built my Barron’s Top 100 firm. We’ll dive into the templates I used, the meeting agenda formats that landed me new clients like clockwork and even my actual word-for-word sales scripts that sold hundreds of millions of dollars over 30 years.

To close business that delivers predictable growth year after year, you have to implement the right systems in every touch point of your business from the first moment a prospective client calls for an appointment until they become raving fans and refer you to all their friends!

When you have this in place, you get the financial rewards, but you also get more than that:
  • Freedom from guilt while taking as much time as you want off of work. No work email. No client phone calls. No questions from your staff.
  • Peace of mind of knowing where your next prospect is coming from...and exactly how to close them in the first meeting. Comfort in knowing you can take a two-week vacation without worrying the wheels will fall off while you’re gone — and coming back to discover you were right, and the business kept growing without you.

Here's what one advisor shared...

 Jamie F. of PA said...
“I want to share with you an example of how your Secret Sauce really works! I seemed to be in a rut of prospects saying no to our planning services.
My closing ratio was very poor, and I was having a hard time pinpointing the reason. Then I listened to Erin's Secret Sauce course and revamped my approach talk.
Simply by tweaking my approach to include Erin's disturbing tracts, I had several prospects convert to clients and my closing ratio improved overnight.
Thank you for sharing your Secret Sauce with me!”

Here’s everything I’ll teach you to become a literal closing machine:
There are 7 modules of step-by-step, proven info that will change the way you meet with your prospects
and show you the exact way to close them on your first meeting with huge success rates!
Let me show you what's all inside...
The Elite Advisor “Secret Sauce” – Exactly What You Need to Do to Get More Prospects to Say “YES”
Plus, a bonus video of an actual “Approach Talk” live and unscripted, so you can learn the exact words to say to get a prospect to say “YES” in the first meeting.

Bonus Course
Because I believe so strongly in having the 'Mindset of Achievement', I'm going to give you immediate access to a 2nd Elite Advisor Course...The Elite Mindset Course
The info in this course is what changed it all around for me. Remember, I started with nothing and no advantages. This one thing was my turning point. Once I discovered and implemented a new way of thinking, everything changed!
I want to share this with you as well...I want to help you overcome any mental hurdles and break through any ceiling of complexity you may have now...trust me...this is key! 
Here’s everything I’ll teach you to Master Your Mindset
Let me show you what's all inside...
BONUS COURSE: Elite Advisor Mindset – How Mastering Your Mindset Will Catapult You to the Next Level
Advisor Steve C. of Nebraska said...
“Wow, I watched most of these videos at the tire place yesterday and was up late trying to finish. This is good info!  I think the power of your system is the pain points (don’t remember what she called them…the 22 points) that you go over in the first appoint to close them in the first meeting.”

You'll find out all about this little-known technique
in Module 3 of the Secret Sauce Course!

What Skills Will You Gain?
At the end of the Elite Advisor Secret Sauce Course, you’ll know:
  • How to win over prospects in highly competitive situations and any type of market cycle.
  • How to consistently close new clients, so your close rate skyrockets and you make more, while working less.
  • How to pre-frame the first meeting, conduct it unlike any advisor is doing in your area and then get them to say "YES" to you and your firm...NOW!
Alright, I'm going to give you a little sneak-peak into
one of the biggest tips I have for you...a simple seating psychology.
Scott G. closed an $8M case with this EXACT tip!
Watch this little video clip:

Seriously, ask yourself, what top 100-producer in the nation
will open their entire sales book and show you EVERYTHING?

Let's review everything you'll get in the Secret Sauce Training Package
from a Barron’s Top 100 producer, 
(someone who has actually achieved the highest level of success), 
consider the value of everything you get: 
Immediate online access to the Secret Sauce video-based course work listed above – so you can watch and learn all my closing and salesmanship strategies from me whenever and wherever you want (over 3 hours of unique recordings in this course).
$995 value
You get all my written transcripts and PowerPoint slides so you can print these out and read them at night or on your next airplane flight and MP3 audio tracks – so you can listen while driving in your car, commuting on the train or anytime...that's what I do.
$295 value
Immediate online access to the Elite Mindset Bonus Course video-based work listed above – so you can watch and learn all my best Business Success Achievement techniques from me whenever and wherever you want (over 3 hours of unique recordings in this course).
$695 value
Immediate online access to all my best resources: worksheets, cheat sheets, templates, checklists, scripts and exercises that I created for you – so you can use and apply my materials to your business right away. These are all ready-to-use, 'model-me' resources saving you tons of trial and error time. Just copy me! 
$295 value
Total market value
I know I could easily charge significantly more for this program. My motivation is focused on getting you to put this into action and getting your business to seven figures and beyond and giving 50% of my profits to fund my orphanage in Zambia. And if I priced this at the $10k or more that it is worth, less advisors would be able to access this game-changing blueprint. 

FYI: One Broker-Dealer Exec told me that I should be charging $10,000 for this one course!

So I’m doing this instead:
Get started NOW for only one payment of $995
100% Safe and Secure Checkout
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P.S. one more thing...
  • You will also get my 9 most frequently asked question webinar video too.                                     Value $195
  • Yes. I want to make this decision a complete no-brainer for you. So along with all the materials listed above, I'm also going to give you a 25-minute FAQ video that will give you my answers to the most-pressing questions I've heard training advisors like you.
  • So now, with the $2,280 value + FAQ Un-Announced Bonus Video valued at $195 = Total Training Package Value $2,475!
  • You will start today for just one investment of $995
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