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3 Keys to an 80% Closing Rate for Financial Advisors
 (from a nationally recognized Barron’s Top 100 Advisor)
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The 3 Keys to an 80% Closing Rate for Financial Advisors (and believe it or not, none of them are pitch decks or graphs — this goes much 
deeper than that).
I’ll share the exact words, verbatim, that I use in prospect meetings to get them from “interested” to a resounding “YES!” in just one meeting.
We’ll also cover why industry accolades, technical knowledge, and Callan charts have nothing to do with closing 80% of the prospects you get in front of — and what you need to focus on instead.
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I see thousands of financial advisors like you working too much and making too little...
The truth is that working 7 days a week and never taking the weekend off (much less a vacation) will never get you to your financial and lifestyle goals. I would know, because that’s how I used to run my firm. If I’d known then how to close 80% of my prospects and the exact words to say to do it, I would have saved myself years of stress, exhaustion, and overwork. Now, I’m able to do things like take 70 members of my family on a cruise and pay $300,000 for my sister’s cancer treatment. That’s what your firm should really be: the benefactor that lets you have a great life. Join me on this training and get my 3 Keys to an 80% Closing Rate, so you can have the life you want too.
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